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Thread: Please Help! 18 year old bonsai dead?

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    Unhappy Please Help! 18 year old bonsai dead?

    Hey everyone, I am new to this forum and I am new to bonsai trees. A year ago my boyfriend bought me a 17 year old Jade Bonsai tree, and it was amazing! I didn't really know anything about Bonsai trees or how to care for them, but it did come with care instructions. It said that I should water it every 2 weeks, so I did. After a few months it started to lose leaves, and it just kept losing leaves. Then I read online that I should try to dry it out so I did and it started to look better.

    But about 3 months ago it started to go down hill. And now it just looks dead. I don't know if it is too far gone or if it can be saved! I am really hoping that I can somehow bring it back. I wanted to attach pictures, but I can't figure out how. It has no leaves! And, the whole thing is like squishy and wrinkly. Maybe I over-watered it? But, I haven't watered it in a few weeks! I don't know what to do! Please, any help would be appreciated!!!!

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    Sounds like it is dead. You have been seriously underwatering by the sound of it. You must never water to a schedule, when the soil is almost dry water. That could be 2 or 3 times a week or lesss it depends on the temperature sun etc.

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