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    Im looking for a beginner bonsai tree under or around $50. An indoor would be good or one that can go all year round. Please help!!!

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    the question is not a simple one. Inside I woud suggest a Ficus If you are able to keep a tree outside then that would be better than in. The reason for that is one of light mainly. Also I would look around for a bonsai nursery and a club if there is one near you. Clubs are a great source of material and tends to be cheap. You can also get advice on how to grow prune etc. My advice is do not buy seed it taks far too long and you will give up long beforee you can do anything with the seedlings if they germinate.
    I would look for a Chinese Elm they ar hardy contrary to what you may be told they are easy to grrow and maintain. The other one I might suggest is a Juniper. Junipers are also tough and easy to grow but they must be kept outside. Many people try to keep them in and pay the price. Both species will withstand -10C with no problem, but if you do get a lot of cold weather then under a table with some fleece over them will help.
    The cost will be relative to the size and age of the tree and the seller. That is something only you can judge as I am not familiar with prices in USA. If you can get to a nursery ask some questions like when was it last re potted, and how long has it been training.
    Look also for a book, there are some good ones around. Check out the American Bonsai Society they do some publications which are good.
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