Hello! I have a small business of plant propagation in Brazil and one of the trees that I plant is Pithecolobium tortum. The best species of Brasilian Rain tree. Very coveted and known by bonsai makers all over the world. It is a beautiful tree, very interesting and full of personality. Its leaves close at night and it is easy to grow and replenishes very well the pruning. A very pleasant crop that gives only joy. Last week I collected several Pithecolobium seeds and would like to know if you want to exchange Pithecolobium seeds for other bonsai seeds, or rare and exotcs plants seeds, or carnivorous plants seeds, or plants, or bonsai stuff. If you still do not grow trees this is a great species to start with and if you propagate plants I think it is the best. Young seedlings reach high prices outside Brazil and pre-bonsai with 3 or 4 years are highly sought after. I can send a good amount of seeds by registered mail and you receive the tracking code to follow the trip of the order.
Nice to talk to you!
A big hug!
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