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Thread: Please can someone advise a newbie

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    Please can someone advise a newbie

    Hi All,

    I'm new to bonsai and started a 'kit' I got as a present (I hear you all laugh at someone using a 'kit'!).untitled.jpg

    Attached is an image of the seedling that grew from the seed, forgive that it is such a crude pot.

    Could anyone advise on what type of plant this is and how I can go about perfecting the conditions for growth?
    A friend told me to keep it in as small container as possible so that the roots don't grow too big and the plant becomes large and not a bonsai.

    I'm sort of puzzled by the strange appearance of the plant, I've never seen the sort before, especially as bonsai!

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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    There is no such thing as bonsai seed kit. It looks like a pine of some sort.
    The best place for this is in the ground for 8 to 10 years. Yes that long, the way to start bonsai if you are serious us to get atree that is big enough for you to do something with. Go to a nursery or garden centre and look around the trees, Cotoneaster or Beech or Hornbeam or the Pines, but don't buy a seedling you will get bored very quickly waiting for it to grow. Buy a book and read what bonsai is about, and join a club.

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