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Thread: Jade Plant Losing Limbs/Leaves

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    Jade Plant Losing Limbs/Leaves

    Hello all,

    A little over a month ago a friend gave me my first bonsai, a jade plant. It was doing really well but in the past week or so it's begun losing leaves and limbs quickly. I haven't been watering it too much for fear of overwatering but the leaves do not appear to be wilting.

    Unfortunately, in the room I am currently living in there is not much natural light. I sit it in the west-facing window during the day so it is getting a moderate amount of sun. I suspect I should repot it but I wanted to get some advice as this is my first plant. Thank you.

    The first photo was taken when I received the plant a little over a month ago. The second photo was taken yesterday.

    FullSizeRender 2.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg

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    Are there any white bits on the leaves? Looks like a pest infection. It is not bonsai of course just a house plant, but Not watering is not a good idea as well. Check the soil and if it is dry then it needs water. They will withstand dryness but they do need some water. Do not re pot whilst it is weak it will make it worse.

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