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Thread: English ivy and Wisteria

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    English ivy and Wisteria

    I really want a Wisteria bonsai as well as English ivy and don't feel bad about wild harvesting because they are both invasive. My delima is how do you harvest a root ball and trunk and what time of year etc? I have found some Wisteria but I don't know how to go about it and there isn't much info.

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    Since these like weeds all needed is base trunk you like, some few roots. Cut off trunk where desired, dig, saw off any tap or large roots not fitting into growing pot drop in bag or container, take home. Prepare growing/development container and substrate, trim roots to fit in pot and work soil in around roots. Water well then again with 1/2 strength rooting stimulant(only on soil), keep partially shaded wait for growth. Either should do well.

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