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Thread: Drill holes into ceramic pots

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    I think it's good inside. But can be better

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambonsai View Post
    Have you ever seen a nice pot at the market, only to discover that there was no holes in it. This topic may have been discussed already, but apparently you can buy a diamond hole drill bit, that is designed for cutting holes in marble, and drill holes in the pots to make your own bonsai pot. I have verified this with some bowls I bought. I will post pictures later. I found this cool. The next thing i want to do is buy the saucers at home depot and drill some holes in them and have a nice thin slab pot I just thought it was cool to know.
    I use masonry bits 'dry' at slow speed, minimum pressure, and lots of patience.

    Quote Originally Posted by geoff hobson View Post
    Also pots that are glazed on the inside are not good, Roots do not grip so well to the sides. I avoid them always.
    .... and for that I use a coarse grinding bit to remove the glaze and roughen up the textur.

    Quote Originally Posted by geoff hobson View Post
    Best way is to find pots with holes. Easier and cheaper.
    Sometimes you see a ceramic pot that is outstanding and you "just have to have it".

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